Our philsophy is that we follow the Golden Rule - "Treat others as you would wish to be treated" - simple.

Bespoke Solutions will assist your business to come to terms with the rapidly changing face of technology.

We have over fifty years of retail experience to call on for help and advice.

Our Chief Executive Officer has been closely involved with the retail business on the buying and merchandising side for large department stores as well as gaining experience at smaller specialty companies. He has been involved with companies from the concept stage through to turning them into multi-million dollar businesses. He has also addressed the prestigious Retail Advertising Conference in Chicago.

His involvement with the Internet goes back over 20 years to the early days of FidoNet. He has been closely involved with some notable local ecommerce sites and was instrumental in starting one of the first targetted email programs on the Island.

Our in-house team can arrange cost effective hosting and ecommerce solutions designed for your Company.

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